You really do need to relax

One of the hardest things most of us find to do in the modern world is to relax. We are pretty much in a heightened state of alertness for most of our waking hours so when we need to relax it can be very hard to switch off. How often do you really relax? Are you confusing it with self-medication? Why relax?

So why relax? Here is a short list of benefits from the Mayo Clinic – Slowing your heart rate, Lowering blood pressure, Slowing your breathing rate, Reducing activity of stress hormones, Increasing blood flow to major muscles, Reducing muscle tension and chronic pain, Improving concentration and mood, Lowering fatigue.

So not relaxing can lead to fast heart rate, high blood pressure, reduced blood to major muscles, increased muscle tension which may lead to chronic pain and increased fatigue. Let’s be honest most of us are motivated by the second list so if you are getting any of them relaxation would be beneficial.

Relaxed people are nicer to be around, work and play better and are happier in themselves. When you are more relaxed it is harder for the everyday mishaps to bring you down. If nothing else you have a higher tolerance level so it is well worth relaxing.

I have used many forms of relaxation technique during my life but have always found the most effective to be guided relaxation techniques. I prefer someone to take me through the process. Many years ago I attended deep relaxation classes at a local yoga studio but eventually had difficulty attending at the location and schedule so needed to find something I can do at home.
This led me to a journey through many relaxation systems I purchased on cd or downloaded in mp3 format. This way I always have them on my phone and can listen whenever I want except if I am driving.
My favorite is Steve G Jones who is a hypnotist who uses guided relaxation to put you in a very deep state as you go to sleep. Even on those nights where I couldn’t stop my mind processing I managed to drift off with his relaxing recordings. You need to find what works best for you but if you want to try his method click the website link below.

Click here for Relaxation Downloads


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