Why I prefer a second layer of protection to Paypal

I use Paypal frequently.  It is one of the easiest and best forms of payments I think you can use especially if purchasing online.  I buy a lot through Ebay so having my account linked to Paypal makes perfect sense. Over the years I have found Paypal a very good method of protecting me with online purchases.

Recently though I have had a couple of concerns that have caused me to rethink my strategy for online purchases.  Not long ago I bought off a Chinese company that sold me defective goods and who were very unhelpful with getting a refund or supplying a replacement.  All previous disputes had been through Ebay but this was directly with the company so my dispute was handed straight to Paypal.

Paypal were very helpful and found in my favour but required evidence that I had posted the return.  After 3 or 4 emails explaining I could not find anywhere to upload files and not getting any useful replies, Paypal dropped my case and I lost my money.

I recently purchased a online storage system that was defective.  The company was unhelpful so I handed it over to Paypal. Within an hour they found in my favour but again sent out a demand for proof that I had returned the item.  Now I do a lot of IT but once again I could not find anywhere to reply or upload files. Besides, how do you return by mail online storage. It is just silly.

This time I rang and was told I had to mail it but after a short conversation the Paypal rep admitted it could not be mailed.  As a one time courtesy I would get a refund. Appreciated but how is it a courtesy to override your own poor system. Paypal is digital so they should understand digital refunds.  I have lost confidence in just using Paypal.

So my workaround is this.  No funds kept in my Paypal account and everything purchased using my credit card through my Paypal account.  This way I have both the Paypal and Credit Card dispute available to me. It is disappointing to need to do this but better than losing money when it is not my fault.



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