Why I like my Smart Bracelet so much

I prefer smart bracelet to fitness bracelet as I find they do so much more than track your fitness. Besides I didn’t buy it for fitness but to monitor my health and fitness and health although connected are not the same thing. In the past I used a watch that could take my pulse but it was cumbersome and expensive.
Then I discovered how cheap smart bracelets had become. The one I purchased was only $38 but I have seen the same model a week later for only $16. Cheap rubbish you are thinking but not at all. The bracelet shows my heart rate, O2 levels, steps taken, blood pressure, length and depth of sleep, calories burned and more. I have it connected to my phone so it tests every hour and shows on the app.
I don’t know how accurate it is but so far it comes up well on individual tests against more expensive devices that test individual measurements such as BP.
If you don’t own a smart or fitness band there is no excuse not to have one at these ridiculously cheap prices. You may find out you are better than you think or much worse. Either way you really need to find out.
Oh and by the way it also tells the time.


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