Why I like media streaming players

When Netflix arrived it was like all my viewing dreams had come true. In fact with all the streaming services available I don’t watch free to air anymore. So many times I would watch a series only to find an episode was missing or moved and then the season was ruined.

All the TV I watch now comes through the internet. Mostly Netflix with occasional Stan and the free to air catchup services if I can’t get it anywhere else. I really like it because it is an inexpensive way to view shows I like and it is legal, as I don’t support illegal downloads or sharing.

This is where the device I use comes in. In one room I have a smart TV. It has been good but four years on and the apps aren’t as good as they were and some services don’t even put out apps for it at all now. I considered getting a new TV but thought I will only be in the same situation in a couple of years again. Instead I am buying an inexpensive streaming device that connects to my TV. I was using a chromecast which are very good but rely on being bluetoothed to my phone or tablet. I don’t like being tethered this way though.

I like the Roku Streaming Media Players (although they are not yet aimed at Australia but can be purchased and I am told work fine) or the Apple TV which just gets better with each new model. Either way they are a fraction of the cost of a new TV.

In my other room I have a Smart Blu Ray player. This allows me to play blu ray discs, dvds and also has a smart hub so I can download apps and stream media. This was very inexpensive (I chose Samsung as a personal choice) and offers several ways to enjoy my viewing.

If you are thinking of updating your TV to a smarter version the smarter way may be to purchase a media streaming player instead.

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