Why I bought an ice cooling vest

I lot of the work my partner and I do is hard and physical. No longer Spring chickens and certainly not in the best shape of our lives you have to start living up to your limitations. First rule is “if there is a younger, fitter person available let them do it”. As that is all too frequently not the case you fall back onto the second rule “look after yourself”.
Recently while doing a gardening project the day heated up much more than predicted and before we knew it we were very overheated. Stupidly we continued to finish the task but really paid for it later. Our hearts aren’t what they used to be and it puts us at high risk. Both sweating profusely, very red in the face and debilitated I was seriously concerned either of us could end up in hospital.
The logical thing is don’t work but few of us have that option. I began researching cooling vests. A vest or jacket that cools your body while you work. The evaporative vests seem to work well and are reasonable inexpensive but the ice cooling vests are much more effective. You either freeze the vest or add ice packs depending on the version you choose.
If you are working in the heat and want to look after yourself by staying cool you must look into buying one of these.


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