Why I am not paying for Foxtel Now anymore

The streaming services are booming in Australia with Netflix at the top and from what I can tell Stan coming up second. Amazon Prime is looking better all the time while 10 All Access doesn’t feel like it’s even trying. So where does this leave Foxtel Now? I haven’t used Amazon Prime or 10 All Access yet so lets compare it to Netflix and Stan.
Pricing. Netflix offers a $9.99 for standard on one screen plan but realistically you are going to want HD on 2 screens so you are looking at $13.99 per month. Stan offers HD on 3 screens for $14 per month. Foxtel Now you Have to start with an Entry Pack for $25 that includes (Pop and Lifestyle) that has HD on 2 screens.
Content. On Stan and Netflix you get shows, movies, documentaries and more included in the one price. Foxtel Now gives you Pop and Lifestyle which gives a good selection of shows but to get the full package you will need to spend over $100 per month. This of course includes Sport.
Technology. Netflix is the best for fast forward or rewind with Stan showing the picture in the lower right hand square. Foxtel does not show you a picture at all when using fast forward or rewind. Both Netflix and Stan allow downloads of many movies and shows to a tablet or phone so you can watch offline. Foxtel Now does not have this option.
Billing. All are monthly cycles with no lock in contract. On changing your package both Netflix and Stan keep your plan going until your month completed. Foxtel introduced a system where it cancels at the time you change your package and you get a credit. I didn’t like this and as I left Foxtel they kept the credit.
At this time I have all 3. I am paying for Stan and Netflix while I have 2 years of the basic Foxtel Now package included in my Telstra NBN bundle.
I consider Foxtel Now very poor value for what is on offer. I very seldom watch it and my partner finds 9Now has a better range of renovation shows with more frequent new shows on offer. I did watch Game of Thrones and the Walking Dead but after that I find the content rather thin. I started to watch Ray Donovan Season 4 only to find it went to Stan on the day I started. If it wasn’t included for free I wouldn’t bother at all or just get a month and binge watch.
Personally I find Netflix and Stan leave it for dead at a fraction of the cost.




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