Want a cheaper printer cartridge?

Although some printer companies put a lot of pressure on buyers to purchase genuine branded printer cartridges there is no reason not to use aftermarket substitutes. As printers have got cheaper and cheaper the replacement ink cartridges have got so expensive it makes you wonder if it is just as cheap to buy a new printer.
I have always used non genuine ink for my printers for as long as I have used personal printers and have never found them to cause a problem with my printer. A couple of cartridges have been defective but were quickly replaced for free. Personally I cannot tell the difference between something I have printed using either genuine or non genuine ink.
If more of us choose to not buy genuine ink then maybe the printer manufacturers will have to start selling at a better price. To my knowledge using aftermarket print cartridges has no effect on warranty conditions and many of the ink suppliers guarantee against printer damage.
So what have you got to lose other than extra money out of your pocket.


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