The E-Myth Revisited

The full title of this book is The E-Myth Revisited: Why Most Small Businesses Don’t Work and What to Do about It. Pretty much sums it up without a lot more to say except most businesses don’t understand the concept. This book had a huge influence on how I ran my business when I discovered it over a decade ago.

The book is worth reading just to see how Michael Gerber managed to turn his life around and become an international success but the real gem is how he figured out how to improve businesses or rather how you run them. He follows the philosophy of setting up a turn-key operation similar to a franchise. Imagine if you had to pass on your business to someone else so they could run it smoothly from day one. If you can’t then you need to buy this book.

I get very disappointed at how poorly so many businesses are run. I never blame the employee because a bad employee is always the result of a poor manager. How often do you sit down at a cafe to a dirty table? This is poor management. Using the e-myth system staff would be trained to clean the table every time a customer leaves their table. EVERY TIME. Not wait for someone to ask.

The aim is not only to run your business smoothly but to give the customer the same experience every time. Always clean tables, always a friendly greeting and goodbye, always great coffee. You get the picture? Does your business run smoothly all the time? How are your staff trained to handle it if something goes wrong? Whether you like McDonalds or not you must realize how well they are run and that customer’s expectations are nearly always met.
Any business can be run this way and in my opinion should be but far too few do. I have found this system of management very successful and believe you could as well.

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