Terrible, terrible customer support ruins the Foxtel experience

If you have never had to contact Foxtel customer support I envy you. I have been using Foxtel on and off for about 5 years.  Originally I used the a service through the satellite dish and signed up for two years but disappointed with the service I never renewed.  When the NBN was connected I have used Foxtel Play and Foxtel Now on occasion.

Over the 5 years I have never had a good experience with customer support. On ProductReview Foxtel gets 988 terrible ratings to 33 excellent.  It only rates another 48 for good. Too make it worse they don’t even respond to the negative entries. One of the recent entries shows someone who found out he was paying for two services.  I had the same thing. The signup failed but I was concerned it had gone through. Customer support assured me it didn’t and to re-sign up. So I did. It took 9 months before it I picked it up.  I hadn’t been using Foxtel for many months when I noticed the fees. They did refund but it took some work.

The worst part of Customer Support is the lack of knowledge and the frequent lying.  On many occasions I have become tired of the agent running back to their supervisor constantly and when I ask to speak directly they state they don’t have a supervisor.

Today my movie subscription was cancelled even though I am paid up for another two weeks.   Accounts couldn’t help and put me through to technical support where I spent around 30 minutes of the agent running back to their supervisor and bring back several scenarios.  Number one was that Foxtel Now cuts out your package as soon as you change it rather than at the end of the month. It has never occured before and sounds suss but I have taken it all the way to Foxtel Corporate as no-one knows. The second scenario was that Foxtel have cut out the Movie package and that’s why it was cancelled.  I explained that was blatantly untrue and she admitted it. She then refused to get a supervisor.

Foxtel must know how bad their service is.  I can’t even find a contact number on their site anymore.  Foxtel Now has made major improvements but then they let it down with what I can only call a don’t give a stuff attitude to paying customers.  It’s definitely back to Netflix and Stan.

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