Telstra took 52 minutes to change my broadband plan

I had been with Telstra for two years and realised my plan had run out (would be nice if they let you know) and found there were much better deals on offer now. Decided to go with the Unlimited plus streaming plan for $99 which was the same price I was currently paying. Although I have many concerns with Telstra I still find their NBN Fixed Wireless plans the best value. So already being a customer on and off for decades and having been with them for two years I thought the change of plan would be easy. My mistake. They even did credit checks (I have never missed a payment) and went through everything I already was getting with my plan currently. The process was ridiculously long and unnecessary. Changing a plan should take 10 minutes, maybe 15 but not 52 minutes. Telstra needs to stop streamlining its staff and start streamlining its processes. Very happy with the deal I got but very unhappy with nearly an hour of my time unnecessarily used. For Broadband equipment click here

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