Smartphones will never replace a good watch

I know there is a trend to no longer wear a watch and instead pull out your smartphone every time you want to know the time but it will never replace a quality wristwatch for convenience and style.  Wrist bands may be fine for exercising but when it comes to style leave them on the bench and put on a well made, stylish watch.

A watch doesn’t need to be very expensive to be stylish although the more you spend, the better the quality of the watch.  I bought a watch during a sale around a decade ago.  It looked great and cost under $200 and I still wear it now.  A doctor I knew commented on the watch and said how expensive it was.  I explained it was inexpensive but she insisted her partner had one the same and they were quite expensive.

A watch can influence people as much as your shoes or your clothes and you don’t have to pull it out of your pocket to impress people.  I like the convenience of glancing at the time and not being distracted by the latest email or text.  If you don’t have a good watch then add one to your wardrobe even if it is only to wear on a night out.  People will notice your effort.

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