Selfless was a 2015 movie starring Ryan Reynolds, Ben Kingsley and Matthew Goode. It wasn’t a successful release costing $28 million to make and only taking a little over $30 million worldwide. I found it very enjoyable with a good story line and adequate action.

The story is about Ben Kingsley’s character Damien who is a billionaire property developer who has terminal cancer. He is offered the opportunity to transfer his mind into another younger body with a process known as “Shedding” which is only available to people who are elite in their fields and lives.
After he has transferred into the new body the part of Damien is played by Ryan Reynolds. If you are expecting one of the witty characters Ryan is known for you will be disappointed as he plays this part quite seriously but that is to be expected. The adventures start to unfold as he begins to have other memories described as illusions that are supposed to be removed by a drug he must take for life.
As with most leaders in their field Damien doesn’t play by the rules and this leads to many troubles and obstacles along the way. The doctor who carries out the shedding process is played by Matthew Goode and Damien’s daughter by Michelle Dockery both of Downton Abbey fame and who were married in the last series.

This movie isn’t as exciting as the much bigger budget films but the chases and fight scenes were very well done and there were a few surprises along the way. I guessed the ending very early on in the movie but it still didn’t take away from the enjoyment. I recommend this film and think it has been very underrated. Running time is 1 hour 57 minutes.

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