Reduce sore feet with Gel Insoles

I am not runner and I am not a jogger but I do like going for long walks on hard pavement (there is definitely a shortage of soft pavements). My feet can get very sore from the walks especially after I have been walking several days in a row. It seemed I would need to cut back severely on the walking or do a different exercise entirely.

At first I blamed my shoes for the soreness and tried several different pairs but it made no difference. That’s when I decided to try a pair of orthotic insoles. These are the types that are made to suit your foot size, are very inexpensive (especially compared to getting something through a podiatrist) and easily slide into your shoe. I have tried several types including dense foam but I think the Gel Pads offer the best protection.

Now instead of spending out on expensive walking shoes I just slip the insoles into a pair of shoes I am wearing (if it is a bit tight try pulling out the original insole in the shoe) and I am walking with ease. I prefer to pay a little more and get the moulded insoles that are designed to keep your feet and ankles in the right alignment. They feel a little strange at first but you soon get used to it and the walking feels even better after a while.

So even if I am walking through slippery paddocks I can use the gel insoles inside my work boots and still have no discomfort after the journey. An inexpensive solution. Give them a try.

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