R.I.P Presto. What’s next?

I will disclose at the start that I wasn’t a great fan of Presto. It was more expensive than it’s competitors for premium content that I never found premium. I always found it silly to charge 50% more than your competition no matter how good you think you are. Now it is dead and buried do you turn to Foxtel Play or Netflix or Stan?

As an ex Presto user I was offered a 3 month deal with Foxtel for $15 a month covering Movies and Pop packages. It was an irresistible offer as it is normally $45 per month so I jumped at it. Do I see it as a replacement for Presto? No. For $20 a month I could have both Stan and Netflix which would supply with all I need. I know Foxtel Play pushes their HBO and has some premium content but so do their competitors. I have been with them for a month and am unimpressed with their movie releases. Very few blockbusters to cover the expense.

Where Foxtel Play doesn’t satisfy me as a previous Presto customer is their lack of continuity. Yes I have written about this before but Presto, Stan and Netflix have every episode from the start even if they may be a season or two behind. This I found to be very, very limited on Foxtel Play with far too many series only having a few episodes or only a second or third season (how can I start a new series?)  I find it very frustrating and it is why I will ditch them after my discount membership.

OK I do like macabre series as you will soon see but when I got excited to see season two of Fear the Walking Dead I found it wasn’t there. It had streamed through their live channels but who knows how long – if at all before I get to watch it. The same for Vikings, (only season 4) and I was sure I saw From Dusk to Dawn (only season 3) and Z Nation (only season 3) that appear to be gone. I watched all of Hell on Wheels bar the last few episodes that were missing and thought paying more meant Foxtel Play would have the entire season but I was wrong.

Summing up. Foxtel Play does not have enough SVOD full seasons from the beginning to compete with their competitors. If you are offered the deal I got I recommend you give it a go as it might suit you better. I personally find Netflix and Stan far better value with TV content from the beginning that doesn’t constantly disappear halfway through a series. Until they put up a lot more full seasons from the beginning I won’t bother.

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