Please put a fly in my shorts

I am absolutely sick of purchasing a pair of shorts only find out there is no fly when I wear them later.  Yes it’s my fault that I didn’t check but it so easily done.  Nearly every pair of swimming shorts has a fly so why not make it a standard for men’s wear.  So what’s the big deal about no fly you may ask.

Urinals although social by nature are not the place that I want to drop my pants halfway down to my knees just to take a pee.  In fact there is no alternative but to rush into a cubicle just to pee taking up the valuable space of someone who really needs to go and do number twos.  And lets be honest we certainly don’t want them using the urinal for their desperate needs either.

So I don’t think it is too much to ask for designers and manufacturers to include a fly when making a pair of shorts.  I am not even that fussy – it could be a zipper, velcro or even buttons but something that allows the easy access to what is an essential and frequent necessity for every male, every day.


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