Non safety work boots

I wear my workboots a lot.  I don’t need steel caps and they make the boot colder in winter.  Living in the country I virtually live in my boots although I have stopped wearing them to bed.  The wrong pair of boots can cause misery with sore feet and eventually blisters or even callouses.  Unfortunately I have experienced the lot.  So how do you get a decent pair of workboots?

The first thing I look for is weatherproofing (not many use the word waterproof anymore) as I frequently walk through wet grass.  I don’t expect them to replace my gumboots but I don’t want soggy socks from a splash from a puddle.  I recently bought a very expensive pair of hiking boots that stated “waterproof” that leaked from the first puddle.  Thank goodness for Dubbin or I would have needed to throw them out.

If you want to get the right size online this is the method from our online guide “Now grab a ruler that does imperial and metric and measure from the very back of the heel to the end of the longest toe.  Then subtract the thickness of the pencil or pen from the length  (usually around .5 cm).  Record in centimetres and inches.  Now measure the width across the ball of the foot at its widest part and once again subtract .5 cm.  Oh, for inches try subtracting a 1/4 inch. Then do the other foot on a fresh piece of paper as many, many people have one foot longer than the other. ”

The other trick to wearing very comfortable non safety work boots is pull out the boot liner and pop in a dense boot liner.  I go for long walks in my boots and I prefer to just wear the same ones.  I used to get sore feet until I put shoe insoles in my boots.  Now I can complete a long walk without the sore feet afterwards.  You will be amazed how much better you feel.

Lastly I want pull on boots with the elastic sides.  I don’t have the time or inclination to tie up laces especially when they get wet.  Enjoy your shopping and choose a boot that is right for you.

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