Let’s stop treating illness and restore health instead

Modern medicine can do amazing things to remove the symptoms of disease. The pain and discomfort of many diseases can be reduced, if not removed, giving the patient a much better lifestyle, mobility and feeling of wellness. Unfortunately, most diseases are not cured and the medications can have very bad short, and long term, side effects. It is not always possible to stop, or even reduce medications, but how often is the overall health of the patient assessed?
Our population is steadily getting worse health with every generation. Many diseases such as Type 2 Diabetes are on the rise and occurring younger with each generation. It has been argued that our gene pool is getting weaker as diseases that cannot be cured but can be ameliorated are then passed onto the next generation making them even weaker. Probably true, but could it just be that health has been pushed to the background?
When paracetamol is pushed as a miracle treatment that allows you to keep pushing yourself through headaches, influenza and injuries something is very wrong. If you have an injury – rest. If you have a headache – investigate why? If you have influenza – stay home, drink plenty of water, take something if you need to reduce fever and stay away from others who don’t want to be infected by you. The healthy approach is to assess why you are getting headaches and make changes for the better.
If you go to the doctor’s and find you have something wrong that they want to treat – ask questions. Why do I have this? What does the drug do? What can I do myself? I was once told my blood pressure was too high and I would need medication. I asked what the medication did and was told it reduced sodium in the blood. Have I got high sodium? The GP didn’t know but knew reducing sodium would lower my blood pressure. I declined and investigated for myself. I deduced I was not high in sodium but was overweight and unfit. I lost 5 kilos and walked every day and within 12 weeks had normal blood pressure.
If my doctor had assessed my health rather than take the easy and quick way of trying to medicate me, he would have saved me the cost of medication and the cost of side effects from the drug including unnecessary low sodium. Unfortunately doctors are mostly taught to treat disease rather than restore health so to become healthier means the responsibility is with you.


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