Is Self Improvement real?

With so many self help gurus around today it seems like every second person is a business or life coach with everything you need to be rich, happy and successful. Mostly it’s an unregulated industry so it can be hard to figure out who to take notice of. So can you really improve yourself?

I am into self improvement and have been for most of my adult life. I have used traditional gurus in yoga and martial arts and modern gurus such as Tony Robbins and continue to read self help books on a regular basis. All of it has been of great personal benefit. I believe I am far more knowledgeable, worldly and a much better person for my endeavors.

So, is self improvement real? Yes. At its very core is always trying to do better. Not killing yourself in the process but seeing what you can do to make your life better and eventually help others as well. As an example. In recent years I’ve had trouble with my weight. Due to health problems I had to give up my sport and reduce exercise. This has led me to be the heaviest I have ever been. I continually need to put effort into losing weight and frequently lose the battle. But I never give up and keep trying. Currently I am approaching the lightest I have been in a decade. I know it can be done and I want this improvement to my life. It’s hard work but worth it.

Self improvement requires you to set a goal and work out a plan to achieve it. Then an enormous amount of willpower and effort to achieve it. It can be done for any component of your life and probably should be. So if you do want to improve yourself the only thing that can stop you is saying it can’t be done.

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