I like polarised sunglasses

I haven’t used polarised sunglasses for some time but as I needed a new pair I decided to revisit them as I tried on several types. What really impressed me was the not having to take them off under different lighting conditions. I don’t know if you spend a lot of your time taking your sunnies off and putting them back on as the clouds part but I found it a real drag.
Now I just don’t care. I even walk into shops and if I am not in there for long they stay on. That never happened with my old pair. I would have been bumping into everything with them on. According to Wikipedia “Visible light waves from the sun travel in all directions. When this scattered light meets a horizontal surface, like a road or water, a large portion of the light is reflected with horizontal polarization. This horizontally-polarized light is seen as white glare, and masks light that is useful to the human eye, reducing visibility. By using a sheet of vertical polarizing material, the horizontally-polarized component can be significantly attenuated, reducing the overall light level reaching the eye. This improves contrast, and thus perception of the scene.”
Hope that helps. Basically it appears to reduce glare significantly. My partner tried my new pair and ordered a pair for herself immediately. That’s how good the difference was. Of course we both ordered online. Not happy with your sunglasses then try a pair now while the sun is still shining.


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