How I got drip emitters for around 30 % off the price of Bunnings similar product

I know everything is going up in price but when I went to Bunnings and found a single 4 lph drip emitter was $1.55 I was shocked.  I needed quite a few and was expecting to pay around 40 cents. Obviously I must be out of touch. Even in a pack of 50 they still cost around 90 cents each.

So I researched on the internet and found I could get drip emitters very cheap but I wanted an identical product.  Bunnings sold Pope which is a very good brand and I found Chinese knockoffs for 24 cents each (and they may be fine) but I settled on Toro at around 60 cents each.  Toro is a known, reliable and established brand overseas and in Australia and I needed something reliable for my orchard.

I am in no way saying Bunnings is a rip off or over charging but in a time of online buying it is silly not to price around.

I got what I needed substantially cheaper and delivered for free and they arrived in two days.  I am a very happy buyer.

To get drip emitters click here

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