Hooded Poncho Beach Towels

You’re down at the beach, walk back to the car and need to dry off before heading home. There are no change rooms so you get between the cars, wrap a towel around your body and try to get the bathers off and underwear on. Easier said than done. Even if the towel doesn’t drop off you are likely to flash a passer by and the day is ruined.
There has to be a better way you think. Well good news for you as there is. Hooded poncho beach towels offer a slip on robe made of towelling that allows you to easily cover up while you slip off your bathers and slip into your undies without the risk of a dropped towel. Life’s a lot easier with both hands free and not having to keep one hand gripping the towel.
Hooded surf ponchos come in many sizes, colours and styles so why not get one for each of the family. Stop struggling at the end of your great day at the beach and make life easier while looking really cool in the process.

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