Heart Rate Monitor Watch for atrial fibrillation

If you suffer from atrial fibrillation (and I don’t use the word suffer lightly) it can be difficult to know if you are having an episode or if you are having an episode how bad the arrhythmia is. As someone who has suffered with this condition it was quite concerning not knowing if my heart was out of rhythm or at what rate it was beating.

People don’t understand how you cannot know if you are having an episode but you don’t always feel the erratic beats and even when you are still in rhythm you can be experience a range of symptoms that can make it rather confusing. It is a problem is not knowing how fast your heart is going especially if you are up and around. Many specialists now state if you can keep your heart rate under 110 (better under 100) beats per minute the risk is greatly reduced.

This is where a Heart Rate Monitor Watch comes into play. If you want really accurate then you can’t go past a chest strap as it sends the heart rate wirelessly to the watch so you can glance at the watch and get instant results. Personally I prefer the strapless heart rate monitor watch even though you need to touch it with your other hand to get a reading.

If you have been getting atrial fibrillation for some time you will know what your normal pulse rate is so if you are suspicious you are having an episode you can take your pulse and the increased rate is a good indication of an episode. Also when I am in atrial fibrillation it allows me to keep an eye on how fast my heart is beating while I am doing things. It would be nice to lie down for the duration of every episode but in reality I still need to get meals, go to the bathroom, feed the pets, etc. so knowing what my heart is up to is very, very helpful.

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