Health and medicine are two different things

This will not be one of those articles that denigrates medicine. I am one of those people (and definitely my parents) who would not be alive without prescription medicine. This is about the medical practitioners that only prescribe medications or procedures. Lifestyle never comes into their conversation.
If you have a serious medical condition and I do you have probably spent many, many hours researching your condition. In particular because your medical practitioner hasn’t put the effort into explaining what is going on. Medicine relies on turnover and even though we pay a lot for our appointments there is never time to explain properly. Even a pamphlet would be helpful.
On being diagnosed with my condition I was sent to a specialist who told me there was nothing he could do but watch my health deteriorate and prescribed a drug that didn’t help. I tried several others over a decade to no avail. It finally dawned on me that the specialists were a waste of time and money as they all said there was little they could do but that I should come back regularly. Why? Do they need a second pool or another trip overseas.
My medical condition is known (peer reviewed tests) to respond to weight loss, moderate exercise and meditation. The results show better than many drugs and one specialist said he knew but never passed it on. I caused this condition by running myself into the ground now it was up to me to dig my way back out.
I find it amusing when I see “speak to your doctor about weight loss”. I have on several occasions to be told “you can’t lose weight with your medical condition’. You can and I am. Will it help – who knows but it is inexpensive, not a burden on the health system and will help with my general health anyway.
Perhaps it time to get some lifestyle consultants who have the time to lead us into health into the medical system.



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