Halloween was very, very scary.

Is there anything more scary than 30 sugar high infants and their parents about to head down your drive and you didn’t buy confectionery? Yeah. I probably was silly but give me a break as I had very good reasons for being caught out. I live in a rural area with virtually no foot traffic for children and I know my only neighbours don’t celebrate Halloween.
Just in case for the last 5 years I have purchased packets of lollies in preparation for an invasion of short sugar craved zombies, witches and ghouls. Every year no-one came so I devoured the lot myself. This year I decided not to feast on lollies I don’t even want. What happens when you don’t prepare for the Apocalypse – it happens.
Worse still I had taken my wife out to the GP because she was unwell. Driving back the last thing on our mind was the Apocalypse yet as we turned into our street there they were in the middle of the road waving to us. We had two houses to make a decision. I panicked and drove in, then back out and headed off. What if they egg and toilet paper like they do in the US? Back again and locked the garage.
It was devastating but the only hope was to open the Quality Streets we were saving for Christmas. The rush was on to separate the favorites and keep for later – if there was to be a later. I could hear voices and realised time had run out. I rushed out with the chocolate box ready for a head on assault for chocolate and toffee. It never happened. They had gone past and were heading down the street.
Like the Walking Dead some are spared and some are not. What about the prematurely opened Quality Streets? Christmas has started early.

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