Getting Healthy – where do I start?

Let’s be honest, if you are looking at getting healthy then you are more than likely unhealthy. So where did your health go wrong? Have you always been not up to scratch or has your health declined gradually? Best of all can you remember when you last felt healthy? This article is aimed at those who have been healthy in the past. If you have been, then read on.
Close your eyes (which I know makes it difficult to read the article) and picture yourself when you last felt healthy. What age were you? Where were you? What did you do back then? What was your lifestyle? Go in to the person you were and really explore what it was like to be you at that time. There is quite a possibility you were more confident, happy and healthy. Life didn’t seem as hard and the weight of life’s responsibilities didn’t weigh you down.
Obviously you can’t go back to being the younger version of yourself. But you can become a mature version of your younger self. People under estimate self esteem in health. Your mental attitude reflects in the body and vice-versa. If you were slimmer in your healthy days then getting slimmer is a priority. Obesity at any level has negative effects on the body but especially emotionally. If every morning you look in the mirror and think blah you are never going to feel great. Second is posture. Picture yourself healthy. Are you slumped over, tired looking and weak? No, you are upright, with a straight back and smiling squarely at the world.
This is just the beginning of an assessment but you can do it yourself. It is quite simple – try and figure out where things went wrong. Eg I got fat because I was stressed from working, I stopped exercising and started eating more junk food. You are probably still stressed at work (possibly more so) but increasing exercise will reduce stress and help you lose weight. Try walking at a relaxing pace. Just the rhythm of your steps helps you relax. With every step think “I can and will be in the best shape I have ever been”.
If you believe it, it will happen but you must have a burning passion to succeed. Always remember how important you are and that you DESERVE to be well.


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