Electronic cigarettes

Ok. These come under many names including e cigarette, e-cigarette, e cig, electronic nicotine delivery systems (ENDS) electronic non-nicotine delivery systems (ENNDS), personal vaporizer, or PV.. Basically it is a small electronic device that looks like a cigarette that delivers vapour (usually nicotine) to the user. They are growing in popularity because they are much cheaper than normal cigarettes and are reputed to be a healthier alternative.

In reality there are health concerns over the use of e cigarettes but generally it is considered they are a better alternative to smoking. There are claims that they can help you to quit smoking but the evidence appears to be flimsy. It is more like they are a better alternative for those who don’t really want to give up smoking.

As a non smoker I consider anything that doesn’t leave butts all over the ground, or fill stinking ashtrays or have smoke wafting into a cafe is a good thing. If you can minimize the damage to the user and make my life better I fully support the e cigarette user. There is still a risk from passive inhalation but it is considered less harmful although I still would not want to be close by.

Design wise they are are a mouthpiece, a cartridge (tank), a heating element/atomizer, a microprocessor, a battery with occasionally a LED light on the end. The atomizer comprises a small heating element, or coil, that vaporizes e-liquid and wicking material that draws liquid onto the coil and when the user activates a pressure sensor by inhaling the heating element atomizes the liquid solution.

There is debate on the legality of using e cigarettes and within many states it is illegal to sell them but OK to import them. If you are concerned then you may want to research first. My experience is that people are always going to smoke so why not allow them to use e cigarettes? Banning products has never worked especially since the internet revolution and it just pushes usage underground. If you are interested click the website link to view products and get more information from the merchant’s site.

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