Egyption Cotton Towels – Are they better?

First of all, what is Egyption Cotton and how do you grow such a water intensive crop in the desert? Obviously it is cotton from Egypt but it is grown by the Nile. There are several types of cotton plant.  Egyptian cotton takes advantage of the moist atmosphere where it is grown in the Nile River Valley.  The conditions in the valley enable the plant to grow long cotton fibers called “staples”.  Basically fibers from Egyptian Cotton are substantially longer than regular cotton.

The long cotton fibres or “staples” mean less joins in manufacturing the thread which allows for a finer thread which makes a more luxurious material. ie lovely soft towels to dry yourself.  Another advantage is that the thread soaks up moisture better because it is more porous. So not only does it feel better, it works better.

Egyptian cotton isn’t cheap, in fact to get the quality it is quite expensive. There is a difference between Egyptian Cotton and cotton grown in Egypt. A lot of cotton grown in Egypt is not true Egyptian Cotton but would probably get away with labeling laws through a technicality.
So what does this all mean? If you are buying cheap you are probably are getting cotton from Egypt but not Egyptian Cotton. Does it matter? If you don’t have the budget why care? I recently bought Egyptian Cotton Towels that I now know are probably not the real thing. They were inexpensive, look great and feel even better. If you haven’t won Tattslotto or been elected to Parliament then don’t feel bad with a cheaper towel. Pick out what you like, leave it on the heat rack or throw it in the dryer and luxuriate with your inexpensive Egyptian Cotton Towel. Of course we welcome you to buy the expensive authentic ones as well. Be happy either way.


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