Does Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security work at all?

Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security is a free app that comes with your Telstra broadband service. Up to 5 devices can be protected when you are not using the internet through your Telstra modem. I had it loaded on a Windows PC, 2 Android phones and 2 Android tablets. You don’t need it when you are at home because your modem runs the protection for you.
It seemed like a good saving rather than buying Norton or another product for around $100 until you downloaded it. I could not get it to work no matter what I tried. The Android apps just would not start. I contacted Telstra support but they were of no help at all. So I put in a complaint to Telstra but all you got was someone offering a discount to drop the matter. Nobody knew how to fix it and I couldn’t get it escalated to a higher tech department.
I put in my complaint directly with the CEO of Telstra’s office. I was contacted shortly after and in around a week I was on the phone with their expert on the antivirus app. It took him over an hour to get the 5 apps working. Everything fixed, everything fine.
Wrong. Two years later I found my phone was infected with Malware. Yet everyday the Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security flashed showing it was working. I checked all my devices and found it had never updated in two years and was not even scanning. All it did was show that it was there.
I have now spent out on Norton for my devices. Having signed up for another two years with Telstra I realise the Telstra Anti-Virus Plus Security has no value. Take a look at how many people are unhappy with or cannot use the app. Does Telstra know, do they care?
I will send off a copy of this and ask for a response.

The response from Telstra was to put me in contact with a complaints Rep.  Although I ticked email response he insisted on phone.  I insisted on email so he stated he would if I included full name and DOB.  Did but he still insisted on phone and cancelled my complaint for not replying.

So is this poor training (it has happened before) or does Telstra have a policy of not putting anything in writing.  PS If Telstra wants to talk then update your mobile service in the South-West.

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