Does Coles need a new attitude to serving customers?

I live near a rural city where there are 3 Coles supermarkets and 4 or more competitors. After recently visiting Geelong and seeing how good a Woolworths was compared to what I am used to Coles latest announcement disappointed me even further. Instead of banning trolleys from Self Serve (sorry I mean assisted service) let’s ban Self Service.
While shopping I have noticed how few checkouts Coles offer compared to Woolworths. Frequently the fast lane is closed and I am forced to either line up with a handful of groceries behind full trollies or use self service. Even worse the self service has queues. When I go to Woolworths there are twice as many open checkouts open and always a fast lane (even if it does appear to be hidden).
If you are going to just suggest shopping at Woolworths, I think Coles have a better product range. And this is a discussion on quality of service. Instead of coming up with more ways of inconveniencing customers try increasing your service to retain customers. Large competitors and better technologies and service are going to wipe the floor with local outlets unless they lift their game.



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