Do I need a Remedial Massage?

Do you need a remedial massage? It is quite likely. Many people go for a rub down when what they need is a specific treatment tailored to their individual needs. If you have a shoulder complaint but only ever book a full body massage you will definitely feel better but it is unlikely that shoulder injury will ever improve – in fact without correct treatment it will probably get worse as the years go on.

Massage is not inexpensive although I consider it very reasonably priced for the effort, time and study involved. Many clients ache all over and want a treatment that covers their whole body and there is nothing wrong with that. But this is the treatment that should be chosen after individual complaints have been rectified.

Let’s go back to the shoulder complaint. It’s probably been of concern for some time but now you consider it more of a niggle with occasional pain while doing particular chores. Nothing serious so don’t worry about it right? Wrong.There is a high possibility that you now use that shoulder differently. Instead of moving your arm straight up, perhaps it hits a glitch where you have taught it unconsciously to dodge an area of pain. This makes smaller muscles take over the job of larger muscles – doing work they were not designed to do.

The joint may be out of alignment which influences the way the joint moves. A part of the joint may lose involvement and start to deteriorate eventually causing damage to the joint ie. arthritis.

Think of it like your motor vehicle. Every 10,000kms you take the car for a service (like a full body massage) where they do the basics to maintain your vehicle. It is also a good way for your mechanic (or massage therapist) to let you know of any faults you have with your vehicle (body).

If you ignore the problems you risk higher costs further down the track. An oil leak could turn into a blown engine whereas you shoulder injury could turn into adhesive capsulitis (frozen shoulder). Both will cause you far more pain and a lot more money.

A remedial massage is a system of treatment that uses diagnostic tools to determine the reason for your complaint then focus on treatments specific to your injury.

As an example your shoulder would be examined by getting you to actively move your shoulder to see where restrictions and pain occurred and then passively move the joint to see if the joint is involved. These things would not be picked up in a normal massage.

Finally. If your car starts making a clunking noise you take it to the mechanic straight away to reduce serious problems. Parts are easy to get.

If your body starts clunking (restricted movement, stiffness, pain) you take it to your remedial massage therapist as parts are very hard to replace.


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