Do I need a 10 inch tablet?

Although I use my smartphone for nearly everything nowadays I still rely on my tablet throughout the day. Although I can watch a video on the phone it doesn’t come up to the enjoyment of watching it on a 10 inch screen. Then there is typing replies to emails. It is much easier on the tablet and attachments are far easier to open. So for me I really do need a 10 inch tablet.

Although there are arguments the bigger you go the more expensive many 10 inch tablets are, they are the same price or less than a high end smartphone. Personally for the difference in price between a 7 and 10 it will always be a 10 inch. If I need smaller I use my phone.

Are you going to watch movies or videos on this device? If so then go for the 10 inch. Any smaller and you might as well use your phone. When it comes to video the rule is the bigger the better. I prefer a 50 inch TV but if I can’t do that out comes the tablet. If really desperate I have used the phone but not much was created to stream on such a small device. If your eyesight is bad go for the bigger tablet.

If you are reading magazines then the 10 inch tablet wins again. If you are a Kindle reader I personally find my phone great for reading books but my partner finds it too small and uses the 10 inch tablet. If I am to be totally honest it does look a lot better on the tablet but I do like the convenience of being able to pull a device out of my pocket and read anytime I want.

Lastly is work applications. If you want a work device it needs to be the bigger tablet. Applications display much better on a 10 inch screen especially if you are word processing or altering images. You don’t want to be using a magnifying glass for corrections or fine work.

In my opinion you can’t go past getting the best Smartphone and 10 inch Tablet you can afford. A tablet won’t replace most laptops but it will meet most of the working and entertainment needs of the average user.


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