Choosing your shoe size online

One thing is for sure. You can purchase shoes very inexpensively on the internet. Not only can they be inexpensive but the range is massive – far more than you could ever find in a retail store. So why haven’t you purchased shoes on the internet? I am guessing it is because it is so hard to know your shoe size.
Years ago I found every time I purchased shoes from a store they were different sizes. Both the style and where they were manufactured seemed to affect what the size was. Fortunately in recent years the sizes appear to be the same but you will still want to figure out the right size for you.
You could find the right shoe by visiting stores and trying them on then searching the internet for brand and style but I think that to be unfair on the retailer and does limit your range. So at the end of the day (when your feet have had a good workout and are at their largest) grab a pen or pencil and a sheet of A4 paper, sit down and trace your foot while wearing the socks or stockings of your choice. Make sure you keep the pen or pencil vertical so you are not cutting in under your foot.

Now grab a ruler that does imperial and metric and measure from the very back of the heel to the end of the longest toe. Then subtract the thickness of the pencil or pen from the length (usually around .5 cm). Record in centimetres and inches. Now measure the width across the ball of the foot at its widest part and once again subtract .5 cm. Oh, for inches try subtracting a 1/4 inch.
Then do the other foot on a fresh piece of paper as many, many people have one foot longer than the other. Now you know why they said don’t carry your school bag over one shoulder – the extra weight flattens and lengthens the foot on that side. Don’t freak out as I am only kidding!  Choose a table from the chart link below for your country, some are in centimetres,  some in inches depending on the country, that’s why you took both measurements.  Find the closest measurement that is equal to or a bit bigger than the length of your foot (the largest one).  Now your ready to shop.

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