Choosing men’s pants size online

I have a lot of trouble finding my pants in the right size when I go store shopping.  Whether I choose centimetres or inches the trouser size varies from designer and store – don’t designers use tape measures?  It gets worse on leg length.  So can I order online and get the right size?  It can never be as accurate as trying them on but to save a lot of money buying online here are some tips.

First you will need a body tape measure (cheap to buy just about anywhere), a notepad and a pen.  Oh, and someone you don’t mind seeing you in your underwear.  Now leave your underwear on and wear a pair of socks and shoes.  Stand with your feet slightly apart and arms by your side.  Unlike measuring the waist as you do for weight loss you are going to measure where your pants normally sit on your waist.  Get the other person to use the tape around your waist measuring tightly but not too tight.  Now write down the measurement.

The next part gets more intimate so try and relax.  Measure from your crotch down to the area of the shoe you like your pants to sit.  We all like our pants at a different length so you may like it dragging on the ground, folded up or a little short.  Write this down as it is your Inseam measurement.

Now you have your waist and inseam measurements.  If your measurements don’t match exactly it is better to round up the number than to make it smaller.

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Men’s trousers, shorts and jeans

Size 78 82 84 86 90 94 98
Approx inches 30 inch 32 inch 33 inch 34 inch 36 inch 38 inch 40 inch
Waist 78 cm 82 cm 84 cm 86 cm 90 cm 94 cm 98 cm
Hip 93 cm 97 cm 101 cm 105 cm 109 cm 113 cm 117 cm
Trousers Inseam 85 cm 85 cm 85 cm 86 cm 86 cm 87 cm 87 cm

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