Choosing a Massage Therapist

How do I know if my Massage Therapist is properly qualified?

With so many therapists to choose from, are you paying for someone who didn’t care enough for you to even do formal training?

Even a relaxation massage can be dangerous in the wrong hands. Massage is an unregulated profession- anyone can call themselves a massage therapist (qualified or not). There are very good massage associations but it is not compulsory to join them. Associations have varying levels of education and training requirements. Some make it compulsory to have insurance, others do not.

This makes it difficult to know how to choose a massage therapist. So what can you ask to get an idea of who is really massaging you? Are you in a professional massage association?

Nearly all associations have minimum education requirements. Most require a member to carry Professional Indemnity Insurance. Not all associations are just for massage therapists; some massage therapists are members of natural therapy associations; this is very acceptable too. Professional membership requires members to follow a code of conduct.

Do you have professional indemnity insurance (medical malpractice)?

The incidence of law suites against massage therapists is very low it is a very safe therapy. Our insurance rates are still very reasonable compared to many other therapies, so there is no excuse in not having cover. Professional Indemnity insurance cover is to protect the patient if a treatment caused them harm. Business Insurance does not give this cover, so make sure they have the right cover.

Are you trained to treat my condition or complaint?

It is never easy to answer this over the phone, and you should not expect a phone consultation for free. A good therapist will tell you if seeing them is appropriate or they will refer you on. Sometimes this can only be assessed face to face during a consultation – if the therapist refers you on, don’t think this is a waste of your appointment, it is a very important part of therapy and they have put your interests first.

The massage profession is always changing; qualified and accredited therapists are usually well trained in massage techniques, assessment skills, and hygiene. With the common practice of Day Spas, Beauty therapy centres, and large clinics it is necessary to ask if the therapist treating you is adequately trained – because somewhere advertises experienced therapists, not all may be at the same level.

This is just a basic guide. The massage by a beauty therapist will not be at the level of a myotherapist, but there should still be adequate training and insurance for the massage provided. Massage therapy is not free, so choose a therapist, ask a few questions, and get your value.

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