Choose a healthy lifestyle

Diet is an important component of a healthy lifestyle but don’t consider it as a healthy lifestyle on its own. Diet is very important. It provides the fuel our body needs to operate efficiently. Unlike man-made machinery we can put poor quality and even toxic foods into our bodies and for most we will still go for decades.

This doesn’t mean you will function well but you will still function. If you want to see how diet affects function have a look at the diet of elite athletes. To compete effectively they have to eat carefully or their body won’t function at its best. You may not want to run a marathon but you will want to think clearly, have plenty of energy for your day and live a long energetic life.

So choose your diet carefully and research the benefits. If it doesn’t work then try another. There are many opinions on diet and the evidence is argued about constantly. If you feel great then it probably suits you. Diet is one component of your healthy lifestyle. Add plenty of unbroken sleep, stress reduction and appropriate exercise. Don’t forget we all need a healthy lifestyle and the best time to start is now.


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