Choose a aluminum free natural deodorant

I had been using a normal deodorant for many years before I found out they use aluminium in the product. Aluminium is considered by some to be a neurotoxin and has been associated (although not proven) with alzheimer’s and breast cancer.

Like amalgam in the teeth I would rather dodge having it on or in me while the experts hammer out the details. Besides there were many experts (and even some now) who claim smoking wasn’t harmful. I follow the philosophy of erring on the side of caution. I know conventional deodorants work well, I am just unsure that they are safe for me.

Natural deodorantAnother thing that has been considered a problem is the use of synthetic fragrances in conventional deodorants. This can cause an allergic reaction in susceptible people. Not that this cannot happen with the natural products. I used one brand that caused severe irritation in my armpit using one fragrance but the other fragrances were fine.

On the positive side for conventional deodorants, they are also antiperspirants so they can stop sweating as well. A deodorant kills the bugs that cause the smell under your armpits but it is the antiperspirant that stops the sweating. Not sweating may be a bad thing. We naturally perspire to regulate body temperature so inhibiting the perspiration doesn’t seem the right way to me.

Natural deodorants kill the bugs to stop odour but I do not know of any that effectively stop sweating. If you really need to not sweat then you may need to use a conventional product but I would personally use the natural product any other time. Minimise the risk.

Let’s be honest most of us use deodorant every day of the week whether we need to or not. It has become more of a habit than a necessity. Purchase a natural aluminium free deodorant and give it a try then build up the days you use it. Chances are you will in time prefer it for all occasions. I did.


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