Bulk up with Pea Protein

Although as a vegetarian you are always being told there is plenty of protein in rice and beans as someone who has performed very physical work for most of my life I always found I was lacking. Before giving up meat I was a very big consumer and handled the work well.

Curiously it was my vegetarian yoga instructor who talked me into including fish back into my diet because she didn’t think I could get enough protein otherwise. Also she thought Westerners needed to slowly move towards being vegetarian rather than jump in as I did. In recent years I have tried to return as close to vegetarian as possible but keep up a higher protein diet. Initially I supplemented with whey protein isolate shakes but then discovered pea protein isolate. The shakes didn’t work as I found the flavour too strong and as the weather cooled I started to add it too soups. A scoop per person makes for a very healthy, high protein vegetable soup, especially with some spices or curry to cover the strong flavour.

If you are thinking of trying Paleo but don’t want to eat meat this is a great way to supplement. Give it a try!


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