Bluetooth Speakers are fantastic

If you aren’t incorporating Bluetooth Speakers into your home music system you don’t know what you are missing out on.  Gone are the days of having a music system in every room or cabling running around the house.  With Bluetooth you can have the music wherever you want or even take rechargeable speakers with you.

My first experience with bluetooth speakers was when I was unhappy with the sound on my flat screen TV.  No matter what setting I chose it never sounded quite right.  I decided to buy a soundbar to connect to the TV.  If you don’t know what a soundbar is, it is a long narrow speaker designed to sit underneath the TV.  The TV is connected to the TV by cable (although I could have bluetoothed it) but there is a bluetooth option as well.

I had not replaced my hifi so once the speaker was in place I synced it to my phone and now stream the music to the speaker.  No need to buy a new stereo and a lot more convenient than CDs.  All my music is on my phone and I can stream music online as well and play it through the speaker.
In fact it worked so well I put a second one in my  bedroom so I can stream music, listen to a meditation or put something on to drown out a noisy resident.  The great thing about bluetooth is you control everything from your phone or tablet.  Choose the song, the volume, and the mix all from the comfort of your chair or from your bed.

You can also set up a set of weatherproof speakers outside for pool parties or a barbeque.  You will need powerpoints of course.  A much easier way is to have rechargable speakers that you take outside when you are entertaining or relaxing.  It’s always better to listen to your music than a neighbor’s.

Virtually everything we have is in our phone or tablet so why not reduce the clutter and make life easier with Bluetooth Speakers.


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