Are you paying too much for Short Boots?

OK. No-one expects to get Women’s Short Boots for free but they also shouldn’t take away the money you hoped to use wearing them out Saturday night. It doesn’t matter what season or fashion as Short Boots always look great. They even look spectacular with a summer dress so if you haven’t got a couple of these in the robe – what were you thinking?

Short Boots can include ankle boots but many go up a bit higher than traditional ankle boots. A smart person should have both or even several of both. Let’s be honest, every occasion needs the right gear and the same goes for boots. Let’s be adventurous!

Imagine it is winter and the weather is freezing so you are rugged up in a woolen coat, thick scarf and beanie and wearing your best jeans. To stay casual you can’t go past a pair of Uggies. Yes sheepskin boots give that casual cute look that guys just can’t resist giving a second look. If the weather is really wet then consider something safe and flat like a hiking boot, leather booties or try lace up combat boots. If you must have the sex appeal then yes go for heels but don’t blame me if you end up on your backside.

For short boots with a dress then go for something a bit smarter. I like something with straps or a buckle although I am always drawn to the old style lace up western boots that ladies wear in every cowboy movie with a dress. You don’t need heels to look good but most will want that long look that heels provide and guys cannot resist.

Onto price. How much do you pay for your boots $100, $200 or more? You can pick up short boots online from only $19.95 and they look great. Be a fashion setter not a fashion spender. The less you pay the more you can get or the more you can update. I buy nearly everything online now and life is so much easier. If you don’t like them most suppliers have easy returns and if you purchase through Paypal now they have free returns (check their website for details).

There are literally hundreds of short boot styles out there and the final choice is up to you. Pick something you like the looks of and don’t be afraid of moving in a new direction. You deserve it.


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