Are e-cigarettes better for the environment?

I really don’t know but I do know they are better for my environment.  I have never been a smoker so you could argue I am the wrong person to write about this but I think not.  Who better than the person who suffers the effects of normal cigarettes without the enjoyment.

I think smoking is a filthy habit and as a filthy habit should be used with adequate care at all times.  If you are a smoker you probably think I am having a go directly at you but this is untrue.  I am having a go at the person who indulges but doesn’t care about the other people involved in the process.  The first problem is the packaging.  Most smokers pull the cellophane off and just throw it away rather than find a bin.  These end up in our waterways.

Although many people who politely ask if it is OK to smoke near you or abstain all together around others still throw their butts on the ground.  I cannot think of any other product that has a social acceptance of throwing the waste on the ground and anywhere they feel like doing it.  This is in reality dumping toxic materials that can go into river systems or be picked up by children.  Yet so many have no problem with it.

I was recently walking into a hardware store where I saw someone carrying a young child while smoking walking at a right angle to me.  Smoking over children should be a serious crime.  As he walked in ahead of me he threw the lit cigarette behind just missing me and left it burning on the ground.  This person did not care for the welfare of his child, other people around him or the environment.  You can’t change the habits of someone like this.

You can change their cigarette though.  If he smoked an e-cigarette he would still be breathing out chemicals over his child but without smoke and I suspect less toxins.  Rather than throw the cigarette away he would merely turn it off and put it in his pocket.  Better still he wouldn’t be discarding wrappers in the street.

Is the e-cigarette better for him or his environment.  I suspect so but more importantly it is far better for my environment and that is why I would prefer people to use e-cigarettes.

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