Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse

This is a cool product that should be in a Really Cool Stuff category. It’s been out a couple of years but I just noticed it and had to share. What’s so special? Well it works on just about any surface and it folds flat.

Seriously. This mouse folds flat so you can put it in your pocket while out and about. Even better the folding part is a touch pad similar to on your notebook. The mouse is bluetooth so you won’t waste a usb port and the AAA batteries give a long life.

Computers and componentsThe Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse is made by Microsoft who state you can use it on almost any surface including rough timber which makes it great if you are travelling or doing work on the go. Personally I am not a great fan of touchpads and find I work a lot slower without a mouse so something like this increases my productivity and don’t we all want to achieve that.

Pricing is under a hundred dollars at time of writing and although it is an award winning device it is unlikely it will get more expensive unless the bottom really falls out of the Australian dollar. The Arc Touch Bluetooth Mouse certainly deserves to be classed as really cool stuff.


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