ANZ complaints is what I am complaining about

I recently had problems with logging into my ANZ Visa Rewards.  For some reason it refused my password (I will give it the benefit of the doubt that I forgot it) so I requested a new password and followed the on screen instructions.

A new password was sent to login and then set up your new password.  No matter what I tried it refused the new password. Kept saying it needed so many characters and a letter and number in the combination.  Even though I did it, every attempt was refused.

I rang for help and stated my problem to the person that I was having.  She asked me a question and when I repeated the problem she interrupted me stating I had already said the problem she just needed to know something else.  I found it rude and dismissive but I was already frustrated by now so let it go. I answered and she put me through to tech support.

He was any more friendly and seemed rather stressed.  After asking me to do several things which I queried he stated he wanted to get it right from the start so there would be no more problems.  I found it rude and I am well acquainted with IT as I do it professionally.

I finally asked why he needed to reset the password on my Visa account when it was a Rewards issue.  “Oh my God she gave me the wrong issue”. He then put me back into the queue for who knows where.

It is bad enough that both of these ANZ employees never put the effort into listening to my concerns but even worse that 8 business days later the bank has not contacted me in regards to this matter.  The complaint was 14 days ago and 8 business days later zip.

So who do you complain to when the bank doesn’t respond to your complaint?  Lucky the banks don’t have any PR issues I guess.

I have asked ANZ what the consider a reasonable time to reply to complaints.

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