A good watch impresses people

At one stage people began to speculate that we would stop wearing watches because we could just glance at our phone to tell the time.  How wrong they were.  Not only are watches more popular than ever they are starting to integrate your phone instead.

A watch is a statement of how we feel about ourselves and in many ways a status symbol.  Why do you think there are so many types and designs on the market?  They are part of our fashion awareness and we frequently need several to cover our needs.  One for dress, one for work and one for sport.

If you are into sports and exercise you will pick a sports watch that not only shows heart rate and motion but also shows others that you are serious about your fitness.  It is as important to your look as your runners or active wear.  You would look out of place with anything else.  If you are in business you want the watch to influence others.  You need it to show that you have taste and are prepared to purchase quality.  Imagine a quality jacket with a cheap watch showing – you are never going to let that happen because you care about how you look.

Most importantly you don’t have to spend a fortune to get a quality watch.  By purchasing online you can choose the watch you want for far less than you could imagine.  Many times I have picked up watches for under 50% of normal retail.  You want to feel good and impress people – not run your bank account down.

A couple of years ago I bought a watch that I liked while it was 50% off.  It wasn’t very expensive at all but it looked great and I really enjoyed wearing it.  What surprised me was how many people mentioned how much I must have spent on the watch – not how good it looked – just how expensive.  If you don’t think your watch has an influence on yourself and others, think again.

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