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You can be the greatest massage therapist in the world (and you probably are) but if no-one knows that you exist you may as well do something else. The original massage course I did around twenty years ago had around forty people. I don’t know of any still practising. Ten years ago I did another two years of study and only one that I know of succeeded. Why?

Perhaps massage therapists need two years of massage studies and one year of business. Most people studying massage have never worked for themselves and their expectations are unrealistic. Hundreds of people are qualifying every year. Far beyond the amount who will retire each year. This means a lot of qualified massage therapists will not succeed.

Most people looking for a massage don’t care about associations. I have never met anyone who searches on an association website. Association websites give nothing about you as a therapist worthy of making a choice. People may be interested if you have healthfund accreditation so this should be prominently marketed. Definitely promote your qualifications and membership (I always put that I am insured) but leave it to the end.

The other thing therapists forget is that most people don’t know what a massage therapist does. Most people don’t think of a massage therapist for injuries, back pain, headaches, etc so let them know. When I started advertising there were 6 massage therapists advertising in the local paper under MASSAGE THERAPIST in the classified. I decided competing here was a waste of time so I took a different approach. My advert read like this:


Neck Pain, Headaches

Sports Injuries, Etc


My Qualifications

My Phone Number

It was very simple but got me clients in my first week and I became busy very quickly.


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