Sockless shoes are in fashion

Well guys, if you hadn’t noticed you are going to save a fortune on socks this season but spend a little more on odour eaters. Yes the fashion is no socks in shoes. Not just summer shoes but any shoes. Time to show a little leg or at least your ankle when you step out today.
This trend has not been rushed off its feet – haha – but is getting a steady mainstream following. Living in a cold climate I really like my socks with leather shoes but if you really like to keep up with trends than baring a little leg with your smart fashion pants just may be the difference between getting into that club you like or not. If you were a fan of House Rules – and who wasn’t – you would have noticed the two male finalists dressed up like they were hitting the town but no socks with their dress shoes.
If it was good enough for them then it must be right for us. So for the rest of the year you can hide the socks, perhaps pushing them to the back of the drawer and save yourself some time getting dressed. The only time you will not socks this year is when you hang them out for Santa. 

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