Ronnie and Georgia are the best contestants ever on the Block

I find it amusing and frustrating the Ronnie and Georgia have been portrayed by both the media and the contestants as villains. If playing the game (and it is a game) honestly and ethically is villainess then they fit the bill. It certainly supports my experience of society.
The keep it North crew to me seem something like I found in a playground at school. Many of their antics I found childish and after finding out Josh and Elyse had mummy cooking, cleaning and washing I wonder if they were mature enough to be on the show. They are both very, very talented but could benefit from growing up. Josh seems to have a chip on his shoulder about successful people needing to constantly state that Ronnie and Georgia are no good. In reality Josh is more likely to be employed by Ronnie and Georgia than visa versa.
So how did Ronnie and Georgia become so hated. They were honest and open. Both in society and the show being a coward is far better accepted than being upfront’ So when Ronnie won’t let Josh start his pool early the cowardly couple next door stay quiet and Ronnie cops it from everyone. Josh had every right to ask but Ronnie had every right to refuse.
When Clint went to the funeral it was Ronnie painting his walls. How did Clint repay the act – very poorly.
From my perspective Ronnie and Georgia are the most honest and professional contestants the Block has ever had. Even Scotty said how good they have been. No matter who wins the competition prize money Ronnie and Georgia have already come out on top and set a new standard for future contestants. Thanks for weeks of great viewing.


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