Atrial Fibrillation and Homeopathy

Atrial Fibrillation and Homeopathy

Homeopathy uses symptoms to treat disease and atrial fibrillation symptoms have been around for a long time.  Although Classical Homeopathy treats the person as whole taking in the physical and emotional symptoms there are a selection of homeopathic medicines that align with the symptoms of atrial fibrillation.

The first remedy mentioned for atrial fibrillation is Arsenicum Album.  Arsenicum Album is often referred to as the horse remedy because symptoms are similar to the nature of the horse.  ie restlessness, flighty.  If your symptoms include debility, exhaustion, anxiety, palpitations, “great exhaustion after the slightest exercise”, “cold, clammy, sweaty skin”, sadness to the point of depression.

Next would be Digitalis (not the drug a GP would prescribe) which is very much a heart remedy. Digitalis is used when the pulse is abnormally slow, forwhere the pulse is fast or irregular, intermittent; once heart disease has begun, you have great weakness, so weak you could faint. Cold skin and irregular breathing.. Empty feeling in the stomach; lying down from the slightest exertion.  You can feel as if the “heart had stood still or stopped”.

Gelsimium is for where you feel you must keep moving or your heart will stop.  Slow pulse.  Palpitations where your pulse is soft and weak.  Weak slow pulse in old age.  Drowsiness, dizziness and muscular weakness are strong indications.

Arnica is not considered a main remedy in atrial fibrillation but is indicated for a feeble and irregular pulse.  It ilso for stitches in the heart and angina.  It is good for taking during and after an episode for the physical stress on the heart and the exhaustion afterwards.


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